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    Hi all.

    My situation:

    I have a forum where i have putted ~1000 films to download.

    The topic is formed from film trailer, short film info, and my download link. Links are seen only by registered members.

    I have a backup of all the films at my home, in case they would be deleted by the file hosting companies, and I should be able to re-upload them quite fast.

    Forum is hosted in Netherlands, and hosting admins told me that i can put links to download illegal films, but i can't host them in their hosting. So everything looks O.K. yeah?

    My problem:

    I am going to start advertising my forum, but i have one issue.

    I registered my domain at yahoo business, because there was a price-off for dotcom domains then. If my forum would became popular, im afraid that yahoo could suspend my domain. Cuz you know all, this is not a legal business to put films to download from all people around the world.

    Im thinking about moving domain to other hosting company. But where I would be safe?

    Appreciate any help.

    P.S. Forgot to mention that forum domain name is not like free films to download dotcom or everything like that. It looks like just a forum.
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    Go with They host pirate bay.
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