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Need some advice

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Approachable, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Aug 17, 2014
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    Sorry for such a long post this is the shortest i could make it!

    Hi guys as many do know about me i'm 17 years old. I'm studying right now but started loving to work with websites recently. My uncle has a local business up and running here in Tamilnadu(India) and i thought that i'll build him a site for free and gain more experience before i start to sell my services(as of now my skills are just rubbish!). So i just built him a site pretty quick, but it is totally messy, things are not looking good and i need a bit of advice and help!

    Ok so let me just give a little bit of intro on what his business is based on. He has a workshop and makes Jigs,Fixture & sub assembly parts from supplying components to tailor made individual customers. As of now he has a few machines and those are Argo Milling Machine with DRO,Latest Surface Grinding Machine,High Capacity Lathe Machines and full sized milling machines. So i think you guys would understand what his business is and guide me accordingly.

    As of now he has some pretty decent orders flowing from reputed companies like Pricol,CRI pumps(these are some good local companies).The site i'm talking about is www.
    sriengineeringworks.in Just visit the site and you would notice that i've completed all parts except the products page for which i just get no idea on how to approach it! You would also notice that the sites load speeds are just pathetic(because of large images) and would love to know of ways to improve the load speeds.

    Guys also go through the site and give your valuable suggestions.I think i've mad a pretty good theme choice and it is the divi theme(responsive) that i'm using. I've also setup Cloudflare CDN and i've also compressed the image with smush.it. I've no coding experience or knowledge whatsoever but i'm ready to learn whichever to complete this project(not the whole language only the part that i need to get this site ready).

    About seo i can get about 10-15 niche related high pr sites manually but i'll do it after the site is ready.I'll also ask my uncle to blog so that he just generates more content and traffic naturally flows in. Also even if 5 potential customers see the site and place a request and even if one of them clicks it should be worth more than a lakh rupees. Also prices are not fixed and the customer has to say what he wants and manually the pricing will be followed by my uncle.

    Guys i'm doing this project free of cost so i can't invest in hiring a designer and importantly i want to design it(to know how the actual process goes and learn from my mistakes).

    Have i missed anything?