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    I'm starting a NEWS blog an a certain niche and don't know how I should do it.

    Here are two options. Should I just copy articles from news sites on my niche and link back to them or should I invest in a article spinner and spin the articles so they look unique and it looks like we write our own articles? Which would be a better route to do this?

    Also the I was able to get a 1 word .org domain on the niche. It gets 18,000 exact local searches a month.

    Anybody can give me some advice? Thanks
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    You will need to spin the news articles. If you don't, at some point a news organization will come after you for copying their stories. They have really been cracking down on that kind of thing lately from what I've seen.

    Edit to add: This is from what I've observed with message boards forcing users to post links and not full articles.
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    I suggest you to some write your own unique (brand new) articles first, after that, you can copy/paste and spin the articles.
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    You can take some of the news stories and rewrite them in your own words or as you said most sites do not mind you using there content as long as you insert a link back to their site for example, to read the full story click here.....You can also research the news story and possibly provide readers with other related or similar content that may interest them enabling you to broaden your post topics.
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    I have a few autoblogs that are semi news related. I auto-post excerpts from Yahoo news with a link back to the original story throughout the day about my niche. Two or Three times a week I write an original News article that sums up the last day or so of stories and then Social Bookmark that page and create backlinks for that page. I also have a related posts plugin and link my original news articles to each other. The auto-posted news clips help keep my blog fresh and relevant while my handwritten articles keep it original and bring the real traffic. Of course, some of the news clips will occasionally bring in a ton of traffic if someone picks up my RSS feed that day!