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    Hello guys,

    first post in this community and i want to say hi to all :). I am reading this forum for long time now and i must admit that i never intend to get into black hat seo. But recently i decided to give it a try. The main reason that i want to try black hat techniques is because i have some clients that have low budjets at very easy niche keywords and i cannot spend many hours in white hat techniques for such little profit. If i got payed 300 usd an hour like seomoz guys i wouldn't have a problem to stick in white hat :)

    So beyond my white hat techniques i would like from you some suggestions and advice on how to start with the black hat techniques. I understand the risks for these techniques and i know that i have a long learning curve in-front of me in order to make this right and not get penalized.

    Im looknig for some software to start and use them with caution in order to get into this. And since my niches are not so competitive im not looking to blast with thousands of backlinks at the beginning. I would say maybe some Grey hat techniques

    At the moment i have read a lot for the following, so i would like your advice with what to start:

    - Scrapebox
    - Xrumer
    - Senuke
    - Sliq submitter
    - Bookmark deamon
    - Sick Marketing

    Thanks in advance
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    Ok, it sounds like maybe you have the wrong idea.

    First off, black hat is not some nasty thing. Black hat CAN be bad. But most of the time its just people promoting themselves trying to make a living.

    Second, you don't have anything to worry about if you do blackhat right.

    This seems like what most people do.

    Get all those programs you mentioned, and then spit out 1 million urls all across the web to dominate Keyword. All of their promotional stuff sucks. they use random comments that could never get approved manually. They are posting articles that wont stick, and they are cluttering up the net with spam. This is what everyone hates, including the peoples who do them.

    Am I saying this method doesn't work? This method will make you buku dollars.

    There is yet another way to use blackhat to promote whitehat site.

    You have to be more careful and planning in all of your SEO.

    1. Create 2 or 3 sites max that point to your site. So this could be a press release, a web 2.0 property and an article directory.

    2. After you create your 2 or 3 buffer sites, now you take those 2 or 3 sites and promote those using the same method except pressrelease.

    3. now you can start spamming, or if you want create another level of sites.

    4. Now when you spam all the spam will point to tier 3 of your system.

    5. This should keep your buffer sites and your main site not only with lots of link power but should also keep you from ever being accused of Black hat.

    6. Remember you can't go around leaving footprints everywhere. B careful and calculating, and you will find SEO is not that hard to beat the game.

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