Need some advice about No Hands SEO on my VPS

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sfidirectory, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I just recently got my 1st VPS and have NHS installed on it with some harvested proxies (that are most likely crap and don't work properly). My VPS is running Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) that is running with an Intel Core i7 CPU @ 2.67 GHz, with 1GB RAM. The link speed I can get is 1GB per second, and while testing speeds on I am seeing speeds of around 50MB p.s upload/download (but sometimes seeing speeds around 2MB p.s upload/download).

    With the description given above, how many threads do you recommend me running No Hands SEO on? Also how many good proxies would you really need to keep in rotation while running it? I am aware that some blogs can block proxies so I imagine quite a few working proxies would be needed (and some extra funds in your back pocket to buy more once they have been blocked or marked as spam).

    I was thinking of offering services on here to make some $$$ and help me upgrade to something more powerful, but am flagging that idea as my VPS isn't powerful enough to be running other peoples jobs concurrently with my own, and I know I need a shitload of proxies that work. My dream would to have a VPS with 4 cores, 4+ GB RAM that has xRumer 7 and SB on it. I know Hostamus are offering packages but right now I am trying to make sure that I will make at least $200 a month so I know that I would be able to afford their $70/mo costs, as well as other costs like proxies and whatnot.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!