Need Social Signals Manager $200+/Monthly

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    I need to hire someone to run my social signals campaigns. I have about 30 sites that need dripped, natural signals, and I am constantly adding to that list (my money sites and ever growing blog network). Most sites need around 100 signals per month, spread out evenly over the month. So an average of 1-6 signals per day, per site. Primarily I need Facebook/Twitter, but if you know how and can easily add signals from other sites I would welcome that.

    I am currently paying $200/month for dripped social signals. They are spammy and unreliable.

    The signals must be:
    -unique or spun to a high quality
    -come from real or legit looking social accounts
    -come from all US accounts
    -come from a huge pool of unique accounts (i'm thinking thousands of accounts)
    -drip fed through the month and random, i.e a different amount each day

    Bonus if you can:
    -provide signals from sites other than facebook/twitter
    -provide signals geo located to my US state

    I would like someone long-term. I know it is a tedious job, but I am willing to pay for someone reliable. Let me know your monthly salary requirements and how many signals you can provide. Thanks!!
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    Hello there,
    I will handle all the Social site signals,
    High quality,Real Looking,Stable,Non-droppable.
    Add me at skype = popking666 for further discussion
    thanks in advance.