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    SMS text message marketing, IDK if you know the value this has for certain businesses, well the value is huge and they 'want' to pay for it but they don't have access to the tools,info and technology to do it.

    I own a Social media business which offers Custom FB fanpages and design plus those other goodies BUT, this is something way different and something I'm adding to my services promptly and simply because it will bring HUGE levels of income every month by offering something of tremendous value. This is something you have to get into NOW, and I'm looking to recruit some value callers [the new and improved form of cold calling] who want to earn that sweet recurring residual cash every one craves. It's just so beautiful..i know :rolleyes:

    The service being offered is simple but so rewarding for businesses and you've probably seen it already. Here's a short example: Text the word "joespizza" to "90210" to get your coupon towards a free slice of pizza with a drink. This stuff is going to be a key part of businesses getting paying customers when they want because if you didn't know 95% of text messages get read within 15 minutes and that's insane. I Know DAM well your sending a text every few minutes as well if your like me.

    Don't worry you won't be selling straight away on the phone because that's not how we do it. That's what businesses are bombarded by every day and my approach makes conversions way higher. I already have a nice way to go about getting the business interested which i will explain to you. I also have a nice way I get smoking hot leads who are already giving out discounts and coupons for their business which means when they get offered something like this, they will have to be DUMB to not take on the offer you'll be giving them. Seriously

    For those who might ask; why not just do it yourself and keep all the $$$. Well yeah sure that sounds good but I get tired of calling all the leads myself while already handling my Custom FB Fanpage side of the deal. This is why I'm searching for a few special people or maybe more here on BHW who want to join forces and finish the 2011 year STRONG! I mean strong. This is here to stay and so will your monthly paycheck :p

    I will be supplying you the leads and phone numbers which are HOT and WILL be interested to hear you out on what you'll be offering. If your the one who lives in a big city and such then I can design your fliers and all that jiffy if you want to kick ass. I got some other cool stuff you can use to if you really wanna explode in your area and be that bad-ass 'businessman'.

    You don't have to only do calling there's so many other ways to get those leads but calling the leads I will give you is highly recommended. Value callers in the USA are the ones I'm after currently so if your interested please don't wait to hit me up because theirs a whole lot of business waiting for you and the sooner we gather our team the faster we can begin "Operation Domination" which means hitting the 20K + a month mark which is so doable. Your commissions will be so rewarding and I will explain your commissions structure to you personally in our group.

    So let's get this going and don't worry if you don't know much about this stuff because I am going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about it. I'll supply you with the shovel and whereabouts, you just dig the gold up. There's so many typed of businesses to offer this to, not just one type.

    We can chat on Skype ,email or Phone. Preferably skype since it's a nice way to have more then one person chatting at once in an organized group. I'd like to get a few people in different states other then Texas who will have the courage to pull through with this and keep pushing even if you fail. Contact me pronto!

    Skype- helpisontheway3
    [email protected]
    or PM me and tell me about yourself