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    Feb 21, 2012
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    I have a service that is needed by over 80% of all US adults (NOT involving the "adult" indistry - this is personal finance niche). Looking for people that have one of the following:

    ***Websites with HIGH daily US traffic - to place banners (we have 12 animated banners from you to select from)

    ***Email marketers with US data and the ability to mail them

    ***Social media experts with access to huge numbers vis facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

    Looking for quality US traffic sources.

    *Pays you $50 per conversion. Commissions paid weekly (pay pal or direct wire - your choice)

    *Live tracking backend for you to check clicks, conversions, $ made

    *Drops a cookie that never expires

    Again, I am looking for EXPERIENCED internet marketers. No newbies please.

    Only want to hear from like minded people that know the true potential here and want to make a lot of money. If you are happy with 2-5 conversions a day and a few hundred dollars then do not waste my time or your time.

    Shoot me a PM if interested in learning more.