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Need serious help with domain name choice

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by mahun3, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. mahun3

    mahun3 Newbie

    Apr 15, 2010
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    college student, and work for dad ocassionally
    dark side of the moon
    Hey ive been a member of BHW for a few months now and im finally ready to stop procrasinating and start up a website but i need help on choosing my domain name.
    I know its good to include your keywords in your title if your trying to get ranked quicker and easier, but my niche has several keywords i can use to promote it and i think using just one of them in my domain would hurt me more than help me.

    for example
    lets pretend my niche were bmx, and i was promoting bmx bikes and accessories should i make my domain name bikes or bmx or
    should i name it after something that would be my best seller. for example if handle bars, or knee pads were my best seller should I have my domain name as kneepads or handle bars
    So my question is should i just create multiple sites with different domain names and each focusing only on one product, should i create one site with a general domain name that would cover everything, or should i name it after what i researched to be my best seller.

    all thought and opions are welcomed and well appriciated
  2. thedorf

    thedorf Supreme Member

    Oct 1, 2008
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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    bmxbikesaccessories.com /net /org take your choice because others are probably taken

    bmxbikes would be first

    bmxaccessories second choice

    all have potential domain name ownership issues
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    Last edited: Nov 16, 2010
  3. Strygwyr

    Strygwyr Junior Member

    Apr 23, 2010
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    Well I'm not a domain expert or even an seo expert so all I can offer is my opinion, but hopefully it will give you something to think about.

    I don't know what your actual niche is, because I assume bmx is just an example. But I'll follow along and use that for my example as well, since I assume your actual niche is similar. For something like bmx, I would be looking at the long-term - white-hat aspect of it. If I were to actually make a go of that niche, rather than simply try to rank for your keyword, I would take the branding approach. By that I mean pick a name that people are going to remember, along with it create a style and logo to the site with your target audience in mind. You want your site to stick out when someone wants to buy a new part online.

    So for BMX two sites come to mind for me: DansComp (for street/dirt/racing) and FlatLandFuel (for flatland). Neither of these even have the word bike in them, but nonetheless, they are successful online shops for bmx parts/bikes.

    So, if you're serious about it, and in it for the long run, I think creating an image and "brand" is best for this sort of thing.

    Anyway, something to think about - I'm sure the seo pros will disagree with me :p
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