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    Hello there,
    I know that I'm almost brand new on this forum, but I've read a lot of things already, applied a few nice advices found here and there, and got nice results from it. So I think I can trust the members and engage on a working relationship with competent people, to make their business and mine happier ;)

    What I have is :

    - a 8 months old domain name, for a FRENCH social website (currently in pre-registration "one page-only" mode) - full working website planned to be released in August.
    - a pre-registration page (glamourous design & flash animation & ajax/php form), just allowing people to register their main characteristics (birthdate, gender, zip, username...) and announcing the website.
    - 2 Facebook pages (a page "loved by" 27 ppl, and a group with 108 members)
    - a Twitter page (followed by 18 subscribers)
    - very few backlinks - domain whois services, digg, propeller...("officially" 9 on yahoo, 0 reported on Google - source : aboutdomains)
    - an brand new adwords account, active. (but I think I'm losing money with it currently)
    - very few comments on french social-themed blogs and forums (with link)
    - an incoming article on the most notorious french social-themed blog (for next week)
    - an incoming social website, high quality and with modern and seductive design, specific and interesting features, which will allow "free male members" with limited access, and "subscribing male members" with no limits. It will be all-free and unlimited for women.

    What I need is :

    - straight-to-the-point : we have currently very few members, I need some pre-registered members ! When a new social website will be launched, there is no interest for registering if there are 20/50 people already there... SO I defined some "milestones", knowing that those numbers must be achieved for the beginning of August.

    => 2500 pre-registered FRENCH members (all different, french & adults only, IP checked) for the official site launch date : start of August. This is the very minimum number. Under this number, I won't go further with my website and I'll close it and work on something else. For this, I will pay 500 US$. Under this number, I can pay nothing (sorry, that's a minimal goal, I'm not even sure to continue with my website if it only get 2500 members at launch date)

    => 5000 pre-registered FRENCH members (same characteristics) for the beginning of August. This is my "winner's goal". If I have 5000 members, my website launch will be optimal, as I will be able to announce the number of pre-registered members (and to justifiy it !) For this, I can pay 2000 US$.

    => above 5000 members, I set some milestones at 7000 (above this amount the freelancer will get 3000 US$) & 10 000 (above this amount : 5000 US$)

    For the "after-launch" period, my goal will be 4000+ PAYING members for the first quarter (3 months period after site launch, but you must know what a quarter is :) ). Those 4000+ will be a part of the 5000+ pre-registered members, plus new PAYING members (I insist on "paying" members) For 4000+ members, I'll be able to pay 1500 US$. (the transformation of "free" members to "paying" members will depend 50% on the website's quality, 50% on the SEO work to bring more free members)
    Under 4000, I will pay 800$, under 3000 : 200$, under 2000 : 0...

    After this first quarter, the goal will be 3000+ new paying members for each quarter (1000+ paying members a month). For this, I can pay 800 $. under 3000 : 700 $ - under 2000 : 300 $

    To summarize, if you make a nice job, you can at minimum get a total of 4400 $$ for the first year, then 3200$$ a year, just by achieving the minimum goals.
    If you make a great job and get to the superior numbers, you can get much more ! (I have milestones for all the period, 4000+ / 5000+ / 7000+ / 8000+ / 10 000+, please consult me on PM for further details).

    I believe that those numbers are realistic, and can be achieved with a good well-spread work (white - grey & black SEO). There is a huge demand for this theme, and the niche is very modern and trendy. (when you know the theme, you'll be convinced that there's a huge demand !!)
    On my side, I'll keep working on the SEO, contacting bloggers, posting on forums and getting backlinks, so you'll also be partly paid for results that I have been getting ;) But that's my way to set the balance "right", for the risk you'll take with the goals you'll have to achieve. (because if you don't achieve the minimum goals, no payment is due)
    I also believe that there's a "snowball" effect, meaning that if a huge number of members register to the website, others will come by themselves, and people will begin talking about the website and spread the communication about it (positive or negative)
    AND I won't make only online-communication : an offline press campaign is planned, as well as a radio campaign and street-marketing (flyers, t-shirts...)
    One important precision : for some operations, I'll use "coupon codes", to give some advantages to the members who enters them while registering. If one of those "coupons" is used, the registration will not be counted in the results of your work. But if YOU want to use coupon code too (to make chances equal), you can send me the coupon you use in your operations, I'll add them to the database, and you will be rewarded for all registered members using YOUR coupons, and all registered members without any coupon.
    I just really want to make things honest for both, and that's one way I found...

    Ideally, I'd like your SEO work to be spread this way : 60% white - 25% "grey" - 15% black, to minimize risks of being blacklisted or penalized by Google or any important stuff (facebook / twitter...). If you know about some "100% black" SEO techniques that won't get me penalized, I'm open.

    One important thing I should mention, is that you won't be able to have direct access to the server (for security and confidentiality reasons : I'm not the only one working on this project but I'm the only one being able to access the server). So if you need to upload or change anything on the server or website, you'll have to send me the file or modifications list first, then I'll upload them to the server.

    The site's reputation is very important, so I want minimal use of spamming if possible. (I dont want the "hey I went on this website, it's absolutely amazing, it solved all my problems and now I can use my two leg to walk !!!" style of posts... especially while the website is not even functional yet :)) )

    I want to add that this is a long-term purposal : if the freelancer holds the promisses, I want to keep the benefits by making him/her work further, in a regular basis. And I take this engagement : if things work fine and the website flies in a "rocket-style", I'll set your payment higher than the initial arrangement !

    As an experienced SEO "connoisseur", I know that any SEO work has to be constantly worked-on, and refreshed, so I won't throw you away as soon as my results become satisfying. The fact is I don't have enough time to make all the work by myself, while working for my customers at the same time (I'm a freelance in online / offline design...)

    For the pre-registering members, I don't care if they're "fake", meaning : if they're just registering and will not further use the website, it's okay for that milestone. Just keep in mind that they HAVE to be unique (one single email account, and as much a possible one single IP) Of course, if they're really motivated, they will more easily transform into paying members...

    I have a tolerance for IPs, knowing that people working in the same agency or connecting in cybercafes will share the same IP. If the members' IP have to be the same, I'll just ask you to make it smart, avoiding the same IP registering 100 times in the same hour...

    Social / Viral / Youtube / Backlinks / anything you judge necessary will be allowed.

    Someone who speaks french will be VERY welcome, as the website will only target french people (for the moment... I have international plans, but we can talk about it later)

    All payments are due AFTER results are checked and validated by us both. After a period, if everything works fine, I'll be able to pay you in advance (each beginning of quarter, for the incoming quarter). If you want more frequent payments, I can check the results for each end of month (instead of quarters), and if the monthly goal is achieved, I'll pay for the corresponding amount (for the first quarter after launch date : 266.66 $ each month)

    I can answer some questions on the public forum, but I cannot give you precise details concerning the website or domain name, so :

    Please PM me with :

    - Details concerning you
    - Your proposal (how you plan to achieve the goals, I don't need the details because I don't want to "steal" your fox-techniques ;) )
    - Proofs of your skills : results you achieved, delays and anything that can make me sure that you'll get the results I expect. I cannot take the risk of loosing time.
    - Your questions (of course ! if you have any, I'm yours...)
    - If you think that the prices I pay are too low, please let me know and send me your proposal. If I think you're serious and really skilled, I won't close the door.

    Thank you very much for your attention,
    Looking forward to make great business with you !
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    well check your PM for more details. Hope to hear you soon. Thanks
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    Going to save you a lot of heartache and loosing of your hard earned money...

    Contact a reputable aff. network (copeac, azoogle, maxbounty, some french network if there is one?? or w/e). Give them your money. Pay for french signups, have boatloads of different people sending you visitors, and have the aff. network deal with fraud tracking and all that nonsense.

    You might need a slightly larger budget, but you'll do much better then the numbers you put out above and there is a better chance you'll get what your after and not give your money away for nothing.

    Good luck..
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    Pm me with Gist...
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    In your wet dreams
    small time SEO jobs wont work if you aim that high with your goals. I recommend going all out with CPA advertising and other costly methods. Doing SEO for SOCIAL MEDIA sites wont work.

    Just my 2 cents. See competing ads and styles of other social networks out there, 3d chatrooms, they plastering ads everywhere.... you better do the same than hiring a company/individual for SEO
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