[Need SenukeX Backlink Creators] Get paid for Nuking

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    My company is looking for 5-10 people that use SenukeX that want to get paid $1.00 for every 100 backlinks they make. We'll need backlink campaigns ranging from 500 - 25,000 backlinks per campaign.

    We just launched a U.S national marketing program with 10 full time salespeople and sales are starting to pour in.


    • You have, and use, SenukeX
    • You can build up to 5 campaigns per day
    • You must use forum profiles, web profiles, and social network/bookmark
    • You must upload backlink report to our HelpDesk

    1. You don't need to index the backlinks. (We use Linklicious Pro and Lindexed for this)
    2. If all goes well you will be given constant work.
    We will also be jumping into the "ScrapeBox" world, so stay tuned.. as we might need ScraBoxers to join up also :)

    We can pay you in batches of $20, $50, or $100. Although since you don't know us, and we don't know you, we can pay you immediately for the first few campaigns to create trust.

    500 backlinks $5
    1,000 backlinks $10
    5,000 backlinks $50
    10,000 backlinks $100
    35,000 backlinks $350

    It should only cost $1.00 to run 500 backlinks, and then minus a paypal fee. Your looking at $3.50/profit per 500 backlinks. That is $245 profit when making 35,000 backlinks. If all goes well we might need you to make up to 200,000 backlinks in a month. How does up to $1,400/mo sound? Now bad huh?

    Contact us by this: http://bit.ly/xaGwvh