Need Reviews for an ebook.

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    Let me start out by saying that I am in the process of writing a series of Ebooks. This series is going to highlight ways to make money being a middle man.

    A lot of places online tell people that they need to eliminate the middle man to help increase profits. Since a lot of people make money showing people how to avoid the middle man, i came up with ways to make money as the middle man. I currently have ideas for 4 books and 1 is written already. Each book will highlight a different way to make money being the middle man. I started with the easiest method in my first book.

    My current plan is to write 5 books for my first series. Ill start selling them as i write them and once the 5th book is written ill sell a bundle with all 5. Also after i have the 5 books written i am going to add a forum to my site. Each book someone buys will allow them in to a sub forum dedicated to support and improvements on that method. Ill also have other sub forums everyone can get into and such, but that is for a later time.

    I would like 4 or 5 people from this site to review my first Ebook for me and give me proper feed back. Tell me what they thought, possible improvements, Etc. I would like people that have experience making money online and experience with this forum.
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    I'm interested in your ebook. If you want any help just PM me.