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    I want to add numerous posts to my brand NEW blog to give it the 'feeling' that it has existed for awhile.

    The URL of my blog is:

    The content for the posts can be found at:

    As of today January 9, 2010, the latest blog post on ShortSalesRiches is "Real Estate News & Commentary ... January 8, 2010" Notice the subheadings in that blog post: Bailout for speculation, So much for ?job creation?, ? Unemployment Plagues 25% of Distressed Homeowners, Holiday sales up, and Recovery Worries over Fed Plan to Stop Buying Mortgages.

    Each of these subheadings would be the title of a new blog post (with the first letter of each word in the title to be capitalized). The text under each subheading would be the content of that blog post.

    You would begin creating entries from January 8, 2010 and work your way backwards to and including October 1, 2009. Note that Wordpress has a "Quick Edit" feature where you can "edit" the posting date so that it appears to the reader that it was posted on the edited date rather than today's date.

    Thus the job would consist of:
    (1) creating a new blog post by copying and pasting the title (being sure to capitalize the first letter of each word in the blog post) and then to copy and paste the text;
    (2) going to "edit posts", selecting "quick edit" to change the post date and to enter the "slug" (Example, if the blog post title is "Fed Keeps Buying MBS", the slug would be typed in as "fed-keeps-buying-mbs" ... finally check off the category box "RE News & Commentary.
    That's it for each blog post ... BUT accuracy is a must ... I'm guessing that there will be approximately 375 to 400 blog posts and maybe 2 to 3 minutes per post.

    Rather than pay by the hour, it seems easier to simply pay for each post that you make to my blog. Wordpress tracks the number of posts and currently I have 43 posts. These posts date from September 21 thru September 30th plus just one post for October 1st.

    I cannot afford to pay much as I am just starting out but attempting to look BIG ... so, please make me a reasonable offer AND give me an estimate of how quickly you can complete this task ... I will pay you by PayPal ...

    Please PM me. Awaiting your reply ... thanks.
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    PM sent ;)
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    On this earth
    I woud like to do the job if its still available.