[Need PRO] Cross Platform Desktop Scraping

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    Some of you may know who I am...
    so you know that i need a PROFESSIONAL
    to work with me on this project to produce
    a Perfected Masterpiece.

    The pay will reflect your quality.

    No amatuers or "figure it outs"
    I really have never had a great experience
    with an Asian/East Asian programmer either, so I
    dont want to rule them out, but just be
    aware that I want a powerhouse.

    No Dev Houses please. I only want to work
    Direct with the MAN.

    Ideally I want someone who has done what I wanted
    before and just a matter of arranging their code
    and knowledge into the format I need

    So without posting my full spec, what I need is
    someone who can make a crossplatform desktop
    application (windows and mac) . So not sure if FLEX is the right language or something else and develop once for windoze and once for mac.

    you can decide best method.

    It will basically be required to scrape many data sources in differnt ways and then analyze the data.

    one source will be Google Adwords external tool and iframing the captcha for the user.

    If you have never worked with scraping and iframing the captchas from Adwords before, then apply carefully as it is VERY VERY tricky to get right and this is not the project to experiment on.

    Standard things like proxy support, remote updates and others....

    you will be required to develop within our design spec and UI as well.

    This will be deployed to a LARGE amount of users so needs to be a solid robust piece of code and I will not pay for half-attempts. So only step up if you know you are the best and reap the rewards.

    If this is a cakewalk for you then PM me with your skype or gchat and we can talk ....

    (the one with many arms)