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    I have the website
    this website based on wordpress platform

    this is a clothing website that publish other online clothing stores products
    this website get very nice traffic and he located first page in google for a lot of mens clothing products : here some of them for example :
    ed hardy impact jeans
    ed hardy impact
    ciano farmer jeans
    polo jilton boots
    polo ralph lauren jilton boots
    ralph lauren jilton boots
    polo jilton
    polo 3 sunglasses
    polo sunglasses 3
    zip hooded sweatshirt locoste
    zip cotton sweatshirt locoste
    antik denim heritage
    antik heritage
    rawulity hoodie men
    rawulity hoodie
    mens Mek denim jacket
    mek cargo
    mek denim cargo
    polo conrads
    polo conrads sneakers
    premium lounge mens jacket
    mek denim hoodie
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    gray mek denim

    and a lot more :)

    i think now is good time to start ti try to make some income with this website

    any ideas on how i can start to make income from this website?
    pls advice

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    You should monetize the website with ads. To monetize is to profit from online services. I reccomend you place the ads in spaces with nothing in it. You can customize the types of ads and put full page ads with a service called AdBrite. (Google it)

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    Yes deffinatly Adsense to begin with

    I highly recomend putting adsense in the top left hand corner of the blog post and using the Text/image, 336x280 ad format

    You say:
    so does this mean you have affilite links on each of these pages, If not I would look at finding an affiliate program or at the very least Amazon links for each relevant product
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    Nov 20, 2010
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    No, I would suggest selling the products as an affiliate directly. If you get direct traffic for those terms you should be able to make good money..

    Do you have a CJ acc? You might find stores selling those products under the apparel section in CJ. I think you should add the items on your blog directly (aff links).

    In fact if you take their 'product feed' list and somehow automate the process of building pages around those products, you will add even more content to your blog and hopefully get more traffic and make more money. Since you are already ranking well for some of them, guess you can gain natural ranks for more of them too.

    Have seen people doing similar stuff and making an absolute killing with physical products and stores.

    PS: Also cloak ur aff-links. You don't wanna do anything to jeopardize your ranks. Just my 2 cents. Not 'pro-advice' in any way..