Need Paypal Payment,USPS, + Stock Control software/program/plugin

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    Hey Guys ! I love this forum. I need quick help please sorry. Still getting the hang of the idea such a freakin wonderful forum exists where a community of hackers, and buisness professionals join to help each other. <3 Props to forum itself!

    But, I Was Having A Huge Problem Maby Someone Has Been In My Situation Before And Might Be Able To Help Me Out Please Ive Been Searching For Hours All I Found Was The Plug-in Called Shopp . (well was the best one for my needs)

    I don't Mind If I Have To Pay It Just Has To Work! Thanks!

    I basically need any plugin/software that can do 3 things...

    1- control stock (last one bought.. sales link gone/payment disabled for that item) ..

    2- Usps shipping calculator ( desperately NEED A Code For This) or a feature in the plugin/software .. has to be automatically calulated. Don't want to set up zones.

    3- Paypal Standerd Paypement Gateway .

    Thanks, I Will Thank Anyone Who Takes Time Out To Help Me .. Really Appriciate It !