Need ONpage SEO Expert (joomla) urgent!

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    Hey BHW!

    Like 15 days ago google changed my titles on my webpages. I have a website with 15 innerpages and every page have different titles and keywords/niche, so each page needs to be ranked for different keywords. I had great rankings until google took part of my title from one of the innerpages and they put that title as main title on my site, they added it on 80% of innerpages on my site.
    So those pages that got that title lost rankings compleatly and those pages that have same targeted titles (that didnt got that 'google title') still have amazing rankings like before.
    Also i need to say this happend only on google (on yahoo and bing i still have rankings and everything is like before).

    I dont know how to fix this problem or there is a fix to it. Already few people tried to help me to 'force' titles changings but nothing happend.

    If someone here think that can help feel free to PM me with your skype! I will pay if you can fix this.

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