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    I've had my Upwork (oDesk) suspended due to low hiring rate, which I thought was ridiculous because I have been on there for more than 3 years, never had a single problem nor complain, and even have a close to perfect 5.0 score, but Upwork just randomly suspended my account due to low hiring rate. This doesn't make sense at all, why would anybody hire somebody if they're not perfect fit that would result in more problems. It would appear Upwork is shooting itself in the its own foot.

    So I'm out to look for alternatives.

    I have used eLance for my main site back in the days, but now I hardly get any great candidates there. Not to mention they're emerged with Upwork, and will no longer be available in the future

    Guru, I have had some minor success, but I've gotten banned back last year for getting into a dispute with a freelancer who I really liked and would only work if I paid him upfront, but in the end he ripped me off, and Guru didn't do anything to help, so I filed a chargeback, so that's why they closed my account.

    Freelancer, they're the worst; I get a lot of spammy bid and you can't even hide nor remove them, so you have over 20 bids from people you're not going to hire with a a couple within there you're considering, making the hiring process unproductive. Overally, they're the most unproductive user interace, trying to be too much like Facebook, which is a bad idea for a job site.

    Now I'm just stuck with no option.

    I have just today signed up for PeoplePerHour; never used them before so won't know how things will work out.

    Is there any other decent recommended outsourcing/freelancing sites? Much appreciate the expert help!