Need Mobile Affiliates for Paid BETA test

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    Jul 21, 2016
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    Hi there,
    We are about to launch our closed BETA for our new Affiliate Platform and we are looking for a minimum of 10 Affiliate Marketers to test our platform.

    - All Affiliates that we accept for the BETA will be paid for their efforts over the 2 week test
    - Any Affiliate revenue that you generate during the BETA will be paid

    We are looking for Affiliates that are currently using one of the following methods to generate Affiliate Revenue:

    - Social Media Marketing (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube etc)
    - Email marketing (Bulk Mails)
    - Content Lockers

    You will be asked to market a range of Content Locker style products that are set up and ready to promote. You can also use our Lockers to promote your own content if you are familiar with this model already.

    We will request a short Daily Activity summary and a survey at the end of the BETA test.

    We are looking for Affiliates that have a sizeable marketing reach and those that are familiar with CPA style marketing and have ideally experience with promoting Content Lockers.

    Please reply to this thread with your Skype details if this is something of interest.