Need members in your group/page?


Aug 16, 2009
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I have group with 4.000 members,and I wil send notification to all of them to join your group or page,or even to add you as a friend if needed.

I will do it for free,as I don't have use of group (Before few months I had,but now I don't)
for what 2.0 is these people from?
Hey, I could really use some as I'm trying to promote my music and i totally suck at it, please help me out!
here is the link

Thanks a million!
Do you mean you can ask them to join anything ?? Even affiliate program ? For free you doing this ??
please help me out with this Radio group thanks
I PM'ed my site, didn't want it to be plugged out in the open. Just a news feed updated every three days.
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