Need massive help setting up Voluum Tracker with Maxbounty and LeadImpact..

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by Goldenjo, Jan 22, 2015.

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    May 7, 2014
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    Hello, I need help in setting up Voluum.

    First of all, I'm using Voluum as a tracking solution, MaxBounty as a CPA Network and LeadImpact as my Traffic sources and I haven't found any information as to how I can combine all three.

    For a starter, I have 5 landers that I want to test, but I don't know what code to add on them. There's a click URL in the setup, but it's always the same link and it doesn't work out when I paste it on all my landers.

    2nd, I don't understand my campaigns link. I'm using 5 LP's and it gives me a link to send traffic randomly to one of them, I don't need that since I'm already using these landing pages with the traffic source. (I bid on keywords/URL, visitors see a pop-up, click on it then get redirected to my CPA offer affiliate link).

    3rd. On Maxbounty, I entered : https://(My_Custom_Number) in the Callback code section (From a tutorial I found online and I have no idea what s2 is for), and nothing in Sub-Id because I had no idea what to put.

    4. On LeadImpact I selected the : Keyword -Passthrough option, because I think this will show the keywords that were clicked on here.

    5. I have no idea how to make it so that I can see the prices I paid on LeadImpact and get them to show on Voluum.

    Basically even though I read a lot I didn't understand a lot as the documentation is very limited, this is all new to me and there were not any tutorials about Voluum+Maxbounty+LeadImpact.

    Hopefully someone can help me sort all of this out.

    Thank you have a great day [​IMG]