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    Jul 4, 2010
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    Over the last month I've coded and created a new site called InstafilesDOTcom - it's somewhat similar to Sharecash except users can pay for a single download or buy a premium account (unlimited downloads).

    I realize there is already lots of sites like mine, but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can promote the site? I believe we have some tools which make us very unique.

    The main one being a YouTube Watermarker+Reuploader. Simply upload a file and then you click the little video icon next to your upload. It allows you to enter a list of YouTube videos you'd like to have uploaded to your YouTube account with a watermark overlayed over the video. The watermark is the link to your file.

    When someone goes to your file, they either select to buy a premium account ($9.99) or pay for the single download ($4.99). The uploader gets a large portion of the money made.

    I would appreciate any tips on my site and any marketing advice.

    Thank you
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    Well A good method would be to get some article writers and make them write articles with good keyword density. This will better your google ranking and in turn increase traffic.