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    So, after weeks of playing around with GSA SER and no mentionable results, I figured it's porbably time to seek some advice.
    I will describe my whole link building strategy as detailed as possible and provide you with all the neccessary details so you have all the information you need to be able to give me advice and help me figure out my problem.

    My project:
    • easy competition keywords (2k - 8k exact searches)
    • I'm using a parasite for this test project (wordpress)
    • I'm only using GSA SER + social signals
    • I've got decent on page SEO (my main article is ~400-500 words long and consists of rewritten bits of my competitors content)
    • I use H1 and H2 tags and proper formatting
    • I've filled the page with ~7 more pages of unrelated (ripped off) content to make the site appear 'alive'
    • I've created a Twitter and FB profile and linked them to my website
    • I've created and uploaded a YT video with links pointing to my website (google shortener is used)

    Tools / resources used:
    • GSA SER
    • GSA SEO Indexer
    • Incredible Indexer
    • SpinRewriter
    • My own verified link list (+ 1 bought list from SERLists)

    My link structure:
    Nothing fancy, just your regular link pyramid. My tiers are contextual d0f0ll0w only and my secondary links consist of anything but contextual d0f0ll0w.

    This is my engine selection + options for my CDFs
    d4246f13460a9ed59501f81c551ea12d.png a7f0d67d814eec8d79f96b0083de519a.png

    And this is for my Secondary Links
    a3e27553402f72124d3723e7ec7659c0.png f166e63bedf46540e279940d41f13c19.png

    *Note: The lower the tier, the easier the filters (see very first picture for details).

    My link building approach
    • I didn't hold back on volume on any tier, since it's a parasite (usually I'd go very easy on T1 and T0A)
    • As soon as my upper level links get verified I start building links to them
    • I use spun content on all of my tiers
    • On lower tiers I allow posting multiple times to the same URL, on T1 I don't
    • While building links I sent ~1k Twitter retweets to the website

    Now let's get to the reason why I'm here. My results aren't even bad, because that'd mean there are results. My results are pretty much non existent. These are the stats for my links I started building ~8 days ago.
    ee1c08143cec3e4113e06f0f214e8a30.png 6314d072396e1d94d189517ed295b0ea.png 4d5c7a4c2c89b5315fd6970373222d7b.png
    T1: http://i.gyazo.com/54c43cc136a0c2858b85ef9a39618337.png
    T2: http://i.gyazo.com/17bb7a3e18739cca9df84e67535cba2e.png
    T1A: http://i.gyazo.com/a2dd07b48824f6dc64687c1cb1f20338.png
    T2A + T2B: http://i.gyazo.com/9444ad14eb6c1250324a0c052f8a598b.png
    My anchor cloud is a little messed up, but that's because I didn't go easy on the secondary links pointing directly at my blog (lots of chinese/japanese anchors and not that balanced) and I obviously wouldn't do this if this were my money site.
    Out of ~70 keywords, not even one is ranked within Top100. I'm a little stumped to be honest, especially since I've read quite a lot of times that people have ranked their websites in easy competition niches only using a quality article, combined with a couple of pictures and no SEO whatsoever or people ranking their website within the top10 for easy keywords within 2-3 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting skyrocketing SERP movements because some guy posted he ranked his website within days, but I haven't seen any movement at all, which is why I figured I'm probably doing something wrong.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on this.
    Just one thing - as you can see I've put a lot of time and effort into this to make this as easy for you as possible. All I'm asking in return is that you take some time, too and put some thought into your post.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Don't even have to look at your GSA settings to know what you're doing wrong. It's your site, it sucks. You can't get by creating thin wordpress sites and expect them to rank really fast anymore. One 400-500 word article + 7 ripped off pages = a piece of shit. I know it sounds harsh, but that's the reality of SEO right now. Especially after Panda 4.0, that just doesn't fly anymore.

    Further, the Google Sandbox is more alive now than ever before. New sites aren't ranking in the first month, the guys at NoHatSEO.com researched this in detail. They also found the higher the number of exact match searches, the longer it takes a new site to rank. Focus on ONE site, make it legitimate, and do SEO the right way. None of the big players are fucking around with GSA or thin websites anymore. Build a legitimate authority site and do legitimate linking, all that cheap spammy shit is only going to get harder and harder even update that goes by.
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    ^^ Agreed. Big G are getting better at squashing churn n burn thin affiliate sites, surprised it's taken them this long, really not hard from an algorithmic perspective to identify 98% of them.
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    Alright, thanks for the feedback.

    1. I obviously wouldn't go with this approach if I were to rank my money site. I've intentionally chosen a small (free) wordpress site, because I wanted to see how different settings and approaches affect my rankings andto make mistakes, so I wouldn't make them when ranking my money site.

    2. Would you mind taking a look at my SER settings anyway? Just to get some general feedback on them and see if I made some obvious mistakes.

    3. There are 2-3 paraistes (blogspot, wordpress, ..) in the Top10 and compared to their content, my 500w article is shining. Some of them are ranking with articles which consist of 30-80w (it's barely a comment on the topic sprinkled with a couple of keywords). How do you explain they're ranking well?

    4. I always thought Google sandbox is where your website gets put in after you got penalized. Does your website start in the sandbox, too, before ranking?

    5. Side note - I feel like I should've made this more clear, but my whole approach and all of this is regarding spam ranking. I'm well aware that most of the websites I rank under these circumstances won't last long. I'm still learning how to properly rank authority sites, too, but this thread is about spam ranking.