Need keyword research + optimized website content [MY FIRST SUMMER JV THREAD]

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by hfcorreia, Jul 19, 2011.

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    Hey folks!

    I'm gonna be simple and fast. if you want to know more about this JV just shot me a PM or make a reply below.

    If you are a professional with what I am looking for you can make an offer but I hope I can find a JV partner...

    I don't need someone that can do keyword research or someone that can write optimized website content - I'm looking for someone that can do both! Since keyword research and content are kings to rank anything on G that is the only thing "you" will need to provide. You will need to search for main keywords, subkeywords and lsi keywords and write the optimized content for our websites (including bolds, tags, etc).

    My job:

    - I will invest the money on 5-10 domains;
    - host websites and install wordpress on them;
    - publish the content that you will provide;
    - rank them to #1 on G. I use senukex, scrapebox, amr and some little tricks:)

    (I'm off during August and September so I am planning to work 2-3 hours per day during that months - the only thing I will do is backlinking)

    I am thinking on monetize websites with G ads so of course I need good keywords for that. But If you are thinking on good keywords that we can monetize with CB or even cpa offers just lets talk about it...

    I don't want to do micro niche sites or wtv you call them now... I already ranked all my websites (all small keywords thoug) on G so lets rank something semi-big. Of course keywords that are possible to rank but since I will use almost all black hat seo tools out there it will be easy work :)

    I don't know if I just want one person to do all the job or if I will pick many... so if you can provide what I am looking for just make a reply below or send me a PM.

    1 august I want to have all websites indexed and ready to start with backlinks...

    Like I said I am looking for a JV partner but if you know someone that I can trust this job and pay him after....

    Have a nice summer :))