Need JV's for Offline Marketing

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    Hey everyone, I would like to find 1-3 people to JV with.
    My company has to do with Offline Businesses and Email Marketing.
    Basically what I need you to do is this. Find offline businesses who already have an online presence. Then you need to contact them and offer my company to them using my website and services. You can offer them a free trial.
    To do this you can physically meet them, or you can email them, or call them. Or a little blackhat (Think yellowbook/CL scraper + mailing) What ever way you can think of. Details will be given if you are interested. This is a white hat business however.

    You will get
    Your own subdomain of my website
    $150 for each customer you get.

    If you are looking for big payouts to your PP then this is for you.

    Looking forward to some good relationships