Need Joomla Coder- For Part Time Changes, Implementation

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    I am looking to hire an update coder, so basically you would be doing simple thinss such as:

    1. Implementing the code that other coders/designers do. (They cost to much to implement themselves.) This will be on brand new sites, that are already designed, just need to be put up.

    2. Make changes on site, such as changing text, small graphics, and new pages. The theme is already set, so it should be easy to make new pages, ect.. My site is currently joomla

    3. Make a view counter, it will be going up a certain amount every few seconds. So you just need to make a simple script and implement it.

    4. Speak english fluently. My current coder is only decent at english, and it just doesn't work! You need to be 100% fluent in english.

    5. You need to be very available, and able to make changes the same day, or day after I contact you.

    Please let me know how much you would charge for this, and other info. My skype is increaseyoutubeviews

    The highest I will go is $15/hour and lowest and best bidder will get this. I will need you to work as soon as possible.

    I pay after the job is completed, usually within 24 hours.

    Please pm, post, or add to skype.
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    OUr team can work for u. Pls give me skype/msn/ym and email so that we can talk further