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Need inputs on SEO Virtual Assistant with All Tools

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bluecoder, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. bluecoder

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    Dec 26, 2014
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    Just a spark when i was browsing the SEO other marketplace section, I could see some couple of virtual assistant service providers there and got some idea few mins before on my own Virtual assistant service (might be someone already doing this as i searched and couldnt find though,if so pls sorry, ignore)...ok so I am just thinking of sharing the idea of what i have in my mind right now and to get your suggestion/features. Btw.. just bcoz most of them cant affords $1000s for all the best tools in market so this should be a nice one(as per me :p)

    What i am having in my mind about the Terms:
    Virtual Assistant Guy must be available 12hours a day/6 days a week, with all the below IM/SEO tools with full access, and he should be assisting with the service/reports related to the tools below in Email/Skype. Offcourse Escalation/Priority methods should be planned. Yes he should be having the knowledge of SEO and its techniques.

    (Planned) Active SEO Tools/Service
    Ahrefs (Version: Standard)
    Moz Pro (Version: Medium)
    SEMRush (Version: Guru)
    SpyFu (Version: Pro)
    BuzzSumo (Version: Agency)
    Spin Rewriter (Version: Full)
    SimilarWeb Pro (Version: Basic)
    Keywordtool Pro (Version: Plus)
    WordAi (Version: Turing)
    TheBestSpinner (Version: Full)
    Raventools (Version: Agency)
    DomCop (Version: Power Plan)
    Indexification (Version: Full)
    Ispionage (Version: Full)
    GraphicStock (Version: Unlimited)
    SEO PowerSuite 2016 (Version: Full)
    SERPLab (Limited to 50 Keywords)
    Inspyder Google XML Sitemap Creator (Version: Full)

    (Planned) Tools in my mind to include later...
    Infographics Creator Tool/Service
    Video Creation Tool/Service
    KeywordRevealer.com/KWFinder.com (Version: Pro)
    Other Backlink Indexing Services (Version: Full)
    Domainhuntergatherer.com (with limited campaigns)
    Expiredarticlehunter.com (with limited campaigns)
    Rankerx.com (with limited campaigns)
    GSA Search Engine Ranker with Verified Lists + Proxies (with limited campaigns)
    Scrapebox with Proxies (with limited campaigns)
    Money Robot Submitter (with limited campaigns)

    Guys , again am really not sure if this is being provided by others(as i couldnt see any) and just a thought to ask our members about what you feel about this idea. Please share your tool suggestions/features/ or whatever help is welcome :)