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    I am not sure if it's the right subforum to write this in but as I have understood by now niche sites are kinda related with blogs. Anyway before you read the whole post I would like you guys not to start flaming or acting aggressively as I am noob around and need some guidance. so my questions are around niche sites.
    For example:
    -what does the term niche site means?
    -What do you mean when you say that you sell products through these and how do you sell them?
    -How are a blog and a niche site related?

    These are my questions for now.Please do not reply saying ''google it'' or ''there is a post about this, you should search before making a post'' etc, etc. I DID google and read about niche sites but it seems a lot complicated so please enlighten me with simple words :)
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    So a niche is like a specialization, like if your website was just about dogs you would have a dog niche, or if it was just about videogames it would be a videogame niche.

    You sell products through sites like clickbank or amazon, you advertise their product and you get money on commission if their product sells through you, usually by someone clicking a affiliate link from your site.

    They're related because they can both be about a specific thing, I'm not really sure how to answer this one.

    Hope this helps!
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    Okay, in simple terms:
    Niche=market, topic. BHW is in the IM niche.
    If you look on the page, you see banners, that is how BHW makes part of its income. There are other ways too, they are found on the BHW fora.

    A blog and a niche are the same. Every blog is a niche, not every niche is a blog. Your channel 12 news is servicing its own niche. Not internet related but you get the idea.

    And yes, you could have googled that information, you could have read it on the forum. :p
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