Need ideas for a Digital School


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Jan 15, 2014
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Hey guys!

I need some ideas from one of the most creative forums on the internet...BHW!

The contest: I'm the administrator of a Digital School/Academy in Italy. We ve'got everyday a lot's of students and courses about digital marketing, email marketing, programming, game design, video making..all courses are FREE, there are no cost for the students. All the courses are taken phisically in class with great teachers from the most famous company (Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Google)

The problem: My boss wanted me to think about a way to keep in touch/connected the students with the academy. We already have a Linkedin profile, IG profile, a FB profile and a FB group with all the students where we share usefull information and job posting..We need a way to keep the student in touch with the school when they have fineshed their courses...we wanted to know in the long term if our courses let the student find a job more easily or not...

The way to keep connected the student can be phisical o digital, educational or just for fun, like an aperitif...

Thanks to all the people taht would advice me some tips!

Come on guys! I know this community can give me very good ideas!
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