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    i am currently working on developing software that will allow you to scrape vbulletin and smf forums on the web and store them in your own database and even dump the scraped threads and replies into your own vbulletin/smf/wordpress installs.

    now i've run into a bit of a snag. since this script is literally going to be able to scrape millions of posts, having a semi-automatic article/post spinner is not going to be plausible. this has to be fully automatic.

    i have already written my own article spinner that replaces words with synonyms i scraped off of a thesaurus site. the problem is, this spinner makes spun posts pretty much un-readable, although they are very unique.

    therefore, i am looking for a PHP script, or even a MySQL database of words with synonyms/replacements that will at least make some sense when read by a human.
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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    Do a search someone had a download for a php spinner using readable spins just a couple of days back - pm me if you cannot find it
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