Need: High Quality Content Writers for Legitimate e-commerce websiite

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    Currently we are in the process of optimizing a website for an e-Commerce website.

    We sell paintball, airsoft, and maybe some mma gear.

    Overall there is 1300 products. I'm going to work on targeting certain sections at a time. I will do all the keyword research and give you some product knowledge. Hopefully we'll be able to work together and come up with some high quality and unique content.

    I can't image a product description is over 150 words. So base everything off that.

    Already went on iWriter and found some people. Unfortunately they only accept PayPal. I'm having some issues with PayPal now and honestly never plan to use them again. So think of an alternate form of payment (greendot card, paypal card, etc.). Anyway, they charge about $5 per description. Which isn't out of the ballpark, but I'll need to know and trust that you are going to write something good.

    First task will be to create product descriptions for nine paintball jerseys.

    - Must have prior experience or have a tech writing degree.
    - Must have Skype and be willing to talk (verbally)
    - Must follow instructions (mainly the keywords)
    - No copy/pasting - I'll run through copyscape. Everything needs to be 100% original content.
    - Accept payment other than PayPal (example is greendot .. you can load the payment directly in your account)

    - You tell me what you want per description.
    - Nothing over $6 per description
    - You will be guaranteed 9 descriptions

    Honestly, this is a really exciting task for me. It's my first big e-commerce project I get full control over .. So I'm going to be very picky in selection.

    Thanks and good luck!