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need help

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by Sujiparth, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Sujiparth

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    Nov 25, 2016
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    okay. So let me introduce myself. I'm from India and its been 1 month since I came across this website. How I found this website I really don't remember but I remember one thing i.e. How to money online. I searched this like so many times I literally knew what sites would come on the first page. TBH I tried everything I read about making money online like surveys, app installs, PTC , oh yeah even captcha. Tried freelancing for writing jobs, gave a couple gigs, and also registered for I-writer. Have some original videos on YouTube basically EDM but less views with a dedicated website of my music videos with little to 0 traffic each day. I registered here, browsed each and every single thread, some were new methods others were all same. Tried drop-shipping with Ali-express with a free host(don't have a cc for Shopify), did fb ads but still not a single sale. Even wanted to try Instagram + Ogads but never started. Not to forget that porn re-upload method(Its not that easy working on porn method hiding from your GF) so just left it off. anyways that too wasn't taking me anywhere near Dollars.
    So now I have just a couple hundreds in my bank account. And I'm done paying, Investing and just letting go off my money trying to do something which isn't returning me not a single penny.
    Guys is it just me that I'm so not into this IM shit or are there others too out there feeling shit about themselves.
    Also if anyone has some new method which isn't sooo saturated please PM me or just give me the link of the method or thread(if I've missed out any).
    Please help guys.
    Thank you for your patience and time.