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    Feb 22, 2012
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    I have lost my keywords ranking on 1dec, all the main keywords are on the Google 1page, I don?t have done any extra work for my site. Just posting fresh content daily + some Profile + site related Forum profile + blogs.
    But Google penalized my site, as per the webmaster report, I have found huge back links from a website. I just made one profile. Now my site is not appeared in Google for any long tail keyword. site name :- fashioncapital co uk
    Here is the report ?..of Google Webmater Tool, these links are build up automatically day by day with in 10 days.
    fashioncapital co uk 10,776
    fashionindustryuk org 1,865
    fashionuk org 1,745
    fashion-enter com 1,297
    fashionnetworkuk com 1,104
    fashionlondon org 1,020
    fashioncapitaluk com 773
    fashioncapitaluk net 757
    ikl-lift org 678
    fashionindustryuk net 661
    fashionindustryuk com 549
    fashionnetworkuk net 547
    fashioncapitaluk org 502
    fashionnetworkuk org 430
    fashionlondonuk com 310
    fashionlondonuk net 253
    fashionnetworkuk co uk 89
    fashionindustryuk co uk 64
    All the url are opened same with my profile link?.. I removed my site URl from this fashion site, manually.
    Question ?
    Can I get my site keyword ranking back again if Yes than How?
    What will the time period if yes ?
    I am still making the backlinks for my site, should I stop it?
    Any suggestion will be very helpful for me??
    I have bad English, sorry for that.
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