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Need Help!

Discussion in 'General Scripting Chat' started by Above and Below, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Feb 25, 2012
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    Basically i downloaded a template from newwpthemes, and although they offer there templates with the gnu they have blocks in place to stop people removing there links from the footer

    i wanted to use the template as a base to build up my own, all 3 blocks seem to intertwine ive located them but dont now what to put in there place cos if i remove or edit any or all it effects the site the codes are as followed

    This in on the first line of the header after the transitianal w3 stuff

    <?php function wp_initialize_the_theme() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_load") || !function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme_finish")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } wp_initialize_the_theme(); ?>
    This is on my Functions file on the last lines

    function wp_initialize_the_theme_load() { if (!function_exists("wp_initialize_the_theme")) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } function wp_initialize_the_theme_finish() { $uri = strtolower($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); if(is_admin() || substr_count($uri, "wp-admin") > 0 || substr_count($uri, "wp-login") > 0 ) { /* */ } else { $l = 'Designed by: <a href="%%%%reviewitonline%%%%/">Best SUV</a> | Thanks to <a href="%%%%reviewitonline%%%%/toyota-suv/">Toyota SUV</a>, <a href="%%%%suv.reviewitonline%%%%/ford-suv/">Ford SUV</a> and <a href="%%%%%trucks.reviewitonline%%%%%">Best Truck</a>'; $f = dirname(__file__) . "/footer.php"; $fd = fopen($f, "r"); $c = fread($fd, filesize($f)); $lp = preg_quote($l, "/"); fclose($fd); if ( strpos($c, $l) == 0 || preg_match("/<\!--(.*" . $lp . ".*)-->/si", $c) || preg_match("/<\?php([^\?]+[^>]+" . $lp . ".*)\?>/si", $c) ) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); die; } } } wp_initialize_the_theme_finish();
    This ones from the themater file also on the last lines

    if (!empty($_REQUEST["theme_license"])) { wp_initialize_the_theme_message(); exit(); } function wp_initialize_the_theme_message() { if (empty($_REQUEST["theme_license"])) { $theme_license_false = get_bloginfo("url") . "/%%%%?theme_license=true"; echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;url=$theme_license_false\">"; exit(); } else { echo ("<p style=\"padding:20px; margin: 20px; text-align:center; border: 2px dotted #0000ff; font-family:arial; font-weight:bold; background: #fff; color: #0000ff;\">All the links in the footer should remain intact. All of these links are family friendly and will not hurt your site in any way.</p>"); } }
    if(!function_exists('get_sidebars')) { function get_sidebars($the_sidebar = '') { wp_initialize_the_theme_load(); get_sidebar($the_sidebar); } }
    I tried deleting them i even changed the themator line to

    function wp_initialize_the_theme_finish() { $uri = strtolower($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); if(is_admin() || substr_count($uri, "wp-admin") > 0 || substr_count($uri, "wp-login") > 0 ) { /* */ } } wp_initialize_the_theme_finish();
    using that code it showed the site but still messed up the slider and side bars etc, so im kinda at a loss ive been working on this for days with no luck

    can somone please help me
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2012