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    I was in escrow buying a business and during the escrow process, I worked as the general manager. For 6 months, the owner strung me along. The business was partly related to physician services. Long story short, we found out the owner was a crook and 100% of the doctors quit the same day because of his unethical and abusive behavior. The doctors and I opened our own similar business. The crook owner hired a well known SEO person who is currently the VP of a SEO company, but who also employs "black hat" tactics against their competitors, including us. They are making it their full time job to harm us. One of the guys is a Google Moderator with edit privileges. He hacked into my Google Places account and took over my Google Maps by placing his phone # and not mine. The doctors and I provide service across the USA and every doctor office had a Google Map listed. Every time our phones start to ring, the next day it's dead. It's a daily struggle and after 4 months of this, I'm exhausted. We have called attorneys, the FTC, Police and anyone we were told to call to help protect the business. NOBODY so far can help as they tell us we need proof. This isn't our line of work, so how do we prove?

    Their web presence is nationwide, although they do not have doctor offices nationwide. They have 4 locations.

    How can we penalize them?
    We've tried a dozen times to report them to Google, but nothing happens.
    Can we take down their websites? It's terrible it's come to this, but we are fighting for our survival.
    Thank you!
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    I have had a similar thing happen to me back in the day. I ended up creating a new listing for the client, verified it and then did my work to make sure that all the citation places had the correct information. Unless this person goes all over the net and does the same thing, your new listing will and should come out on top and or cannibalize the old one. I still suggest that you put in a report to G. Then flag the other listing and specifically state what information is incorrect. Best of luck.

    If you need some further help let me know. All we do are Google Places listings and local seo.
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    oh my god!:captain:even such things happen!