Need help with Xrumer 7 beta install

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    Hi guys,

    I don't want to keep bugging bot master. Question is, how do you install Xrumer 7 on Windows 7?

    I have
    1. Windows 7
    2. Dual core amd laptop
    3. AVG 2011 free anti virus

    I have 2 problems,

    1. can install successfully as per instructions and click on start, but when i do that Xrumer will give me an activation error message. Do i need to request a new license key for Xrumer 7 beta? I used my license key for Xrumer 5 that does not work
    2. My AVG 2011 keeps seeing the start.exe as a trojan and deletes it. As a result i have to keep installing it. Anyone know how to fix this issue? Also is my Xrumer Activation error related to AVG?

    Yeah i know there is an Xrumer thread but no one responded to previous questions so i am asking here. Hope I can get some help from some of you Xrumer gurus.

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    extract your installer, and run as administrator.. login with your bot master account, restart xrumer again with administartor account, that's it !

    just ignore / give exception for your start.exe in anti virus program

    try it, it's must be work smooth !
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