Need help with Winautomation / Workspace Macro Pro

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    Hey guys and gals,

    Problem - Trying to automate Pinblaster using winautomation or workspace macro pro

    Im new to trying to automate my automation as it were. With both winauto and macropro I can do simple things like create a text document, type in numbers etc with mouse clicks and it all saves perfectly. I can run these macros no problem.

    When I record a macro for pinblaster, i want to record "clicking on certain tabs within the program", "clicking and selecting dropdowns", "clicking text boxes to enter numbers" and "entering keystrokes into these text boxes" and "hitting go". After I have let the program run its course I want to stop the macro. All in real-time.

    Using both programs I can only get as far as 3 mouse clicks then nothing else is recorded, no keystrokes, nothing. I am at a loss as its obviously human error as both programs are doing it. I have played with different options, but still no dice. Its strange that it works with notepad but not pinblaster.

    I know everyone goes with win auto, but workspace marco pro seems a bit less complicated and should do what I want - so would prefer to get that going if I could.

    Quick related question - if I create 20 or so macros - can I then create a "master macro" to play these 20 all day long? That is my main goal. Thanks.