Need help with setting my rate guys..

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    I really need your help guys, I don't know if this is the right section for my post but I'll give it a try.
    I've been contacted by a guy who wants me to post over 2000 forum comments (with signatures) on high PR forums every month. The comments are spread over several niches. He wants:
    -Manual and relevant entries
    -Regular reports
    -Quality work, no spammy posts.

    He is willing to pay a price per comment... but I have no idea what to charge since I'm a first-timer with this... (getting paid to post)
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    I had a senior in my previous job who used to Tell me never go for "Donkey work". The best bet is to be smart and churn more and more money. I hope you got the hint. I personally feel that you need to polish your writing skills to an extent that people praise and recognize your potential. If you have got the basics clear, then you would be able to make good amount of money via content writing. If you have sound grammatical knowledge and got a know-how of article writing, then you can PM, I would be some help to you. Cheers. Have a great day ahead.
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