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Oct 13, 2014
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Hey, i have a amazon affiliate website on video games i get about 20 clicks a day but no sales! :( any advice!?;)

the website is themegagames
Looks like you need to "Warm up" your traffic before sending them over to Amazon.

At the moment, your website seems cold and impersonal. It could do with some reviews, guides or recommendations to connect with your audience imho.

Amazon will still convert if you send over higher figures. However, if you send over links from articles such as "Best First Person Shooter in April 2016", or "Best Game for 12 Year olds", "Top 10 blahblahblah games Teens" for then your conversion rate should increase.

If all else fails, find a successful website in the gaming niche and steal their ideas for content ;)
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How is the content on the site, is it a video review with text like other enews game sites..

I suggest try to mimic other big enews game sites but with your own twist
try getting their email addresses, and send some newsletters to warm up the traffic.
Your website is lacking original content that builds any kind of trust with your visitors. Most will simply hit the back button when arriving to a website such as this. While it 'looks' like an eCommerce website, nobody will choose to buy from you without first building trust in the gaming niche (which is heavily saturated with other sites).

You can still have success in this niche, however, but it will require a solid strategy. First, you need to narrow your target audience before you can try to compete as an authority in the niche. Maybe focus on 1 or 2 gaming genres such as RPG or MMORPG. These sites are a dime a dozen so you will need to get creative with your traffic sources.

In this gaming genre, you may want to write articles using your '<player_name>' as the author. This gaming persona could have a Twitch and/or YouTube account and interact with others on forums using this same persona. Then, your website should feature information about the genre that you game in. Maybe there you can link to other article posts on your site about specific games you have played and your experiences, tips, techniques, cheats, etc. (think longtail keywords). Now, sprinkle in a game review or two and you will eventually see some organic search engine traffic coming to your site (hopefully more than 20 visits per day).

I'll stop here so as not to to exploit your niche with all this targeted info but you had asked and I hope I was able to offer some helpful insight.
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