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    So recently I published a number of original books on kindle amazon (50 books). I did research based on keywords, current trends etc and uploaded them.

    Currently, in about 10 days my stats shows that I have sold 25 books which I have done without any effort from my part.

    I was wondering if any1 can help with me with methods/techniques I can now apply to increase the sales?

    Feel free to post here or pm me if you have any tips.

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought i'd post it here. I apologise if this is the incorrect section for this post.

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    If any of your books are closely related, such as a series of stories or books on the same topic but with different information, put links in them to the other books. For example, "If you liked this book, you may also like:"
    Make an author page and fill in your bio.
    Also, take advantage of KDP Select. You won't make a commission on the books that are downloaded for free but with the links to your other books, you'll get more eyes on your work. You'll also benefit from a boost in rankings as your books are downloaded.
    Make eye catching covers with colors that contrast the standard white background. If your cover is also white, use a thin black border.
    I have more tips but I'll keep this short and leave you with the one tip that you absolutely must follow: Create good content. Fiction or non, if the content of your book isn't good, you won't make much.
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    I'll second the content. That's the most important thing. Then hit up the usual marketing gigs, fb, twitter, fiverr, etc.