need help with facebook. plsss

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    hi all. I need an idea. I have a fb account (girl) fake. is old by 2012 is verified. . I used it extensively about 8 months. and now gave Facebook verification, identify friends, I passed the test. but after two days and gave me

    Please Verify Your Identity
    We're working hard to make sure That everyone on Facebook uses Their real identity.
    Facebook does not allow accounts that:
    Pretend to be someone else
    Use a fake name
    Do Represent a real person

    Now they asked me to stick the code that sent him to my phone. I passed the test.

    Now what would I do with this account so as not lose all those friends?(10000followers) to convert it into page? or, going further still so the profile of the girl?

    Excuse my English
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    make it page if you don't want to lose!