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    I want to start an email campaign to promote my business, i am starter and a student and i cant afford to buy a SMPT that will cost me $400 - $700 to send out a few thousand emails that may result in sales from by affiliatie link, so i have to create my own email sender in order to make money first and than i could proceed to order smpt service.
    i have tryed to make a auto machine for hotmail,yahoo, GMX,AOL, Gmail (about 20 different email accounts) it al failed, even if i send one email at a time and log in and out though different email account with different email servers and chancing my Ip adress everytime, I got so many problems , phone verification, capthca's,email limits, I got to much headache for trying to fix these problems and still did not accomplise it, even with gmail I created about 25 gmail accounts with some old phone chips that i still had, it would say it send but none of the emails that where send were actual send they al got blocked by gmail and after sending a few emails and bulk emails, the account got suspend and enter phone-number and captcha again. so whas hopeless and i gave up
    So I heard about Tor mail, i have tryed a few but they did not allow me to send bulk mail only 2 at a time, with max 50 message , it would take me ages to send out a decent mail list and al the login and log out cant go well, i have heard that lelantos is a good tor mail (cost $32) but i have no idea so before i buy it I want to know what the rules are before I spent, How many emails can I send? what is the daily email limit? hour limit?
    If somebody has any ideas or tips or good working methods please let me know, i am desperite to know answer after failing somemany time
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    SMTP does not cost that much... Even the expensive services you'll get at least 400k email relays for $400, and that's already a massive ripoff!!!
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    I'll point you in the right direction, but honestly it seems like you have a lot to learn when it comes to email traffic.

    How are you generating your leads? Please don't tell me you scraped them or bought a list off fiverr or something