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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by webhead, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Can someone please help me with these questions before I pull my hair out???

    1) Rotating my IP - I have a cable Internet connection with a Dynex wireless/wired router. I would like to try to rotate the IP myself as I don't need anymore monthly expenditures at this point.

    CLAD does not have a script for my setup. I can login to my router and clone my MAC address manually, however, this seems to work only 1/2 the time. (Somethimes pushing clone MAC int he interface does nothing). Also, this takes my internet connection offline for about a minute. Since this is a server and I have other software running (namely Xrumer), this really isn't a viable solution for me.

    What options do I have here? Is there any hardware that I can purchase to solve this instead of using a monthly service like IP Rental?

    2) - CLAD says this on the sales page - "Are you fingers tired of typing the word verification on and before you post?

    We have the answer with our auto captcha for Backpage and manual entry service for Craigslist, quick and easy."

    So why in my testing do I have to manually enter captchas for Backpage?? And how the HELL do I contact Decaptcher support?? I signed up twice, took them 2 days to send welcome email but I can not login with either account!
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    Have you contacted CLAD support? They're usually pretty good about getting back to you quickly and will help you get set up correctly.
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    try winautomation.. helped me alot with changing ips. you can find it somewhere on this forum