need help with automated tumblr poster, PHP

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    hi guys!

    I hope im in the right place! ( im not a coder or so please be nice hehe )

    So, to explain the story. I got an automated tumblr poster - Wamp -> localhost -> tumblr.

    now the problem is, my tumblr blog got banned, which means that everything in that PHP script is attached to that blog.

    I tried myself (no experience ) to change OAUTH_TOKEN and OAUTH_SECRET which i understand logicaly needs to be changed each blog.

    here i entered my CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET to get my token + secret.

    All i did was paste those two into the .txt

    Then i started my WAMP Server (where i have my http://localhost/tumblr/post.php ) to check if everything works, if it does it should say "respons blbablaba" instead i got

    I also changed blogname , from the old to new..

    now u guys that have been going thru this, please help me out? im clueless and also as i said im not a coder.
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    You're getting a 404 error. The API endpoint you are using does not exist.

    This is the general format of the Tumblr API endpoint
    Take a look at the documentation:
    If you want to send me the code I can try to correct your issue.
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