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    Hello pros, i am really new in the field of seo and i have a site on quotes. but i am facing two problems.

    1.after the google dance ended my site is stuck almost at the same position in sserp. I tried a few tweaks that i came accross but nothing seems to work for the site. Any amount of your knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Atleast point me in the right direction so i can dig it out.

    2.I applied for adsense atleast 3 times but they replied(everytime) inappropriate content. As i already mentioned my site is on quotes, so ofcourse they are duplicate. When i post i make sure i post several quotes in one post so that altogether the post is always unique(atleast i hope so).

    and also i get around 100 visitors which is also only for last 5-6 days. :(

    ---keyword stat---
    local us : 49000
    intitle result volume : 9900
    average pr : 1.7 (first 10)
    Please ask any question you might have regarding my post.

    Thanks everyone.