Need help with a client. Feedback please.

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by cgt2012, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Mar 31, 2013
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    Hello I am a newbie to the forum, but have enjoyed researching for days. Very addicting to say the least. I run a small (less than 10 reps) media agency for radio so internet advertising is mostly new to me. I have tried AW with no luck for a client that has been with me for 7 years. The landscape of radio marketing is changing quite a bit and so he said he would give us first shot at generating internet leads. I have a f/t web developer/designer who generated our landing pages for all of the offline traffic via radio to the internet and that pulls 100+ leads per day. It's a competitive space (extended vehicle warranty) and I spent $389 in less than 24 hours on AdWords with about 1200 keywords a very strong mix of negative, broad and phrase match keywords. We go 4 leads in which 1 deal sold. We tag each landing page with a unique toll free # so we record all calls. A month ago I signed an insertion order for 25 leads per day for 2 weeks @$15 per lead and at best we are getting 10 leads per day and our client is using Leads 360 so they are called within milliseconds and no contact or already called. I know that some consumers are going to price match, search other companies etc....but the quality for the leads that my client did contact was horrible.

    Anyway in summary I am open to suggestions and need some help.

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    Adwords isnt the only traffic source. Try media buying. It is harder but you will receive lots of leads if done right.
    Contact a CPA company like Peerfly. They will help you generate high quality leads. Tell them about your offer and they will give you a solution.