Need Help Understanding Multiple Keywords to Main URL

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by realmanmag, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Hi -

    I'm trying to understand the concept of multiple keywords per money site url.

    I have a money site opt-in page. Let's say that I have 10 keywords for which I want to rank.

    The problem is that the opt-in page is not optimized for all of these keywords - perhaps 2 or 3 keywords only.

    Therefore, I have sub pages of the money site which contain articles which are optimized for the additional keywords.

    However, if I'm backlinking and ranking sub pages of the main url opt in page, then I'd need to entice the resulting traffic to click on a link from this sub page to the main opt-in page. Would it be o.k. to duplicate, or place a copy of, the opt-in page on these sub-pages? Or perhaps, at the end of the article on these sub-pages, duplicate the opt-in page?

    Or...even though the main opt-in page is not optimized for all of the keywords, is it still possible to backlink to the main page with anchor text for all of these keywords? it better to simply focus on 2-3 keywords which have higher traffic potential for the main opt-in page and direct all traffic to that url?

    Appreciate any clarification you can provide. Thanks!
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    As per my understanding, you should have a theme keyword for which you will focus mainly. Then you can use the long tail keywords to drive traffic to your website. Normally I take a theme keyword for my niche and choose my domain name and one or two articles focusing my theme keyword. Then I use my long tailed keyword 1 article each and optimize the content.

    Using opt-in form in all the pages would look very obvious.. You can use a sidebar or a kind of widget which is static..

    Hope this helps...