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Need help to decide a field for studies

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by kriss332, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. kriss332

    kriss332 Newbie

    Jul 13, 2011
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    Hi to all,
    Its Kriss here. i need some really path showing advice for a career trigger.
    I am in defense forces, have spent 11 years and 9 years more to spend. I just stepped into this Binary world, when i joined IT in my org. for 6 months. I explored my deep interest and potential in this field. Basically it was all networking based only.
    So now i have already enrolled for an engineering degree in Computer Science on correspondence basis. I have to choose a field for future. Is it to be networking ( Actually network security only by my interest) OR whole computer engineering ???? My background in this service is Electronics + electrical, but i m not really interested in it . So i ask for yor advices , since people replying here are masters of their field. I know i m asking a career oriented advise in a Blackhat forum, where everybody is fond of networks. But at last it is a Binary game only. so some points of my anxiety-

    1. I m already of 30 age and by the time go out in real world as a fresher (off course i can achieve some working experience in services here), would it be possible for me to compete the freshers of that time??
    2. Next is- Is there any test kind of thing (like- aptitude test kinda) , so that i could find out the most suitable field for me?
    3. Looking at the age(30 yrs) , when i m starting off, is it advisable to go towards programming/ Coding field (well, i m nice in mathematics, which is helpful for coding) /OR/ should i choose Networking ????
    4. Looking at the time perspective, i dont get really good amount of free time for myself, that i could utilise for studies, but at last it is again a matter of interest. And moreover i dont really like to study theory .

    So plz HELP me out with some advices. Expecting replies soon. Well, all other suggestions are also most welcomed.
    Thanx in advance to all experts- Kriss