Need help setting up an online marketing campaign (Inside)

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    Hey BHW,

    I have access to a certain "something" that I can get for very very low...I know that if i had the right person behind me as far as marketing it online...alot of money could be made. I do alot of selling it at my "gym"......(hint)

    Basically, i'm trying to set up a sale point (or blog) where i have my prices for the products I'm selling...but i'm trying to attract the attention of a more "underground" market...because you cant purchase in have to be on the "inside" to get it.....

    With that being said, again...I know i need to make a site...then have social media accounts set up...for traffic reasons and to promote...but when it comes down to keyword research and how to pick the best ones for my particular niche...thats where it doesnt all come together for me....knowing how many searches monthly a keyword or phrase should have is where i get lost and would rather have the help of someone with better knowledge.

    If you feel you can help me get set up with things...please feel free to hit me back either here or by way of email.... You can set a price and let me know what u can do for me and how i can benefit or you can come on as a partner and if you can work the business online or at least help with setting things up so that some sales can start rolling...then i definitely will provide and split the profits with you. Please hit me if you need more details or have any questions....thanks!