Need Help Selling --- Will Pay $25-$85 per refferal

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I'm in the process of working on my website where I will print printing photographs on different substrates.

    I have been doing this in my spare time as a hobby and people have been taking to it.

    I've been selling these from anywhere from $100 - $350.

    I was hoping to find some people who would be interested in helping drive traffic to my site, and in return give a payout once an order has been complete.

    I would pay a commission of 25%! so you could get anywhere between $25 and $85 per sale.

    I'm kind of new to the internet sales but I'm learning pretty fast.

    If you are interested PM me your questions.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions on helping a guy get started driving traffic to the site It would be very much appreciated.

    The thought behind this is, I am the manufacture and whoever is interested is the sales force.